Every little detail is a well-thought process & supports your self journey

The Creative Stories is a handcrafted product brand which promotes sustainability and reusability to support eco-friendly lifestyle . We want to inspire people through designs, which are focused on self-love & positive thinking.

About Me & My Journey

Hi! I'm Swati, the founder and creative mind behind The Creative Stories. It brings me immense joy to welcome you to our virtual space where creativity meets functionality.

At The Creative Stories, we're not just offering products; we're presenting beautifully handcrafted products. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to share a bit about myself. I am a Graphic/UI UX designer by profession with 10+ years of experience in fashion industry working as a designer in NYC.

Originally from Chandigarh, a beautiful modern city in the north of India. I came to US for higher studies and have two Master's Degrees. After my 2nd Master's in Integrated marketing/Branding from NYU, I started my own small Design & Branding studio – Ko-Kane LLC.

My journey began with a simple idea of handcrafted products which are eco-friendly and reusable. Fueled by a desire to bring new creative thought, we set out to develop “The Creative Stories”, a brand for handcrafted products to inspire and create a feeling of self love and appreciation. What sets us apart is not just the thoughtful and meticulous designs but the dedication to support idea of eco-friendly, reusability and sustainability, as much as possible.

As a team, we believe in giving back to Mother Nature and are committed to making an effort towards that through our products. Each message and design of “The Creative Stories” is a result of tireless dedication to delivering an exceptional experience to our users.

Feel free to connect with me, as I believe that collaboration and shared experiences enrich our journeys.

Here's to new beginnings and meaningful connections!

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